2019 Google Adwords Training Tutorial

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– [Joel] Good morning, good morning everybody. I just wanted to go over Google AdWords training. Here’s a quick Google Adwords tutorial below…

one more time for those that you guys that couldn’t make it yesterday.

No worries, I completely understand, there was a boat show and

everything, so parking was a little bit difficult. But what I’m showing you on

my screen now, we’re gonna cover in a little bit. What I wanna do is a I

wanna go over the presentation again, just so you guys, those that you guys

that didn’t make it get a clear understanding of what we went over. And

those of you guys that came, thank you very much for your time, thank you

for being there, and I just wanna go over it again just so you guys have a

better understanding. So, this is Google AdWords 101. I love digital

marketing, I’ve been doing this for about, roughly about 10 years at least.

And I’ve, you know, done a lot of different things like project manager, I’ve

managed ads for companies of up to like almost 1.5 million a month. I’ve

worked for various companies, and now I have my own marketing agency

and also the HUB. So, that’s my credentials. So what exactly is Google

AdWords 101? So let’s go into my browser. When someone goes on to

searching, right, from a desktop or mobile phone, they’re looking for

something. And this is how Google makes billions of dollars a year. So let’s

say that I’m a travel nurse and I want to find the travel nurse jobs. So travel

nurse jobs. Okay, so, what you’re seeing at the top, and in fact this was a

client of mine, Cross Country TravCorps, actually one of the examples I’m

gonna give you. This is an ad, okay. If I were to click on this, it would cost

them, you know, x amount of dollars. And what happens is they’re bidding

on this word, okay? Not necessarily exactly this way, there’s different ways,

there’s exact match, phrase match, which we’ve talked about, broad match.

And what they’re doing is they’re bidding on words, and if Google likes their

ads and certain things, they have an algorithm also as well for a paid

search, or paid ads. If they like their algorithm and they like their ads, and

they have a very good click-through rate, meaning like people click a lot on

their ads, Google’s most likely gonna show them at the top, so that’s what’s

happening. And this is what their ad looks like, this is the headline. Apply

Now, Travel Nurse Jobs Available, Cross Country TravCorps. We place over

10,000 travel nurse annually, competitive salaries, all 50 states and Virgin

islands. Get top pay and flexible assignments in seconds. Apply today,

excellent pay, luxury housing, best locations, weekly pay, call for an

interview, now hiring. Okay. And then these other people are competing

against them. So these are paid ads, you have to use Google AdWords in

order to get on lead paid ads like this, okay? And then these are jobs, and

then this is organic. So, once again, Google AdWords would allow you to

appear up here, and that’s why it says Ad, okay. All right, so, that’s what

Google AdWords is, okay. So the next thing that we’re gonna cover is what’s

in it for you? Well, you can get more calls to your business, it’s like turning

on a light switch. As soon as you turn on the light switch, calls are gonna

start coming in, or leads are gonna start coming in. You’re gonna get

increased visits to your location. If you’re a brick and mortar business, you

can get people to start coming to your business by like location extension,

which I’ll cover later on. And you get to drive more people to your website

instantly. Instead of like organic search, this is very instant and you pay per

click. Okay, so the Google search experience, like I mentioned earlier,

somebody goes online, through their mobile device most likely, they’re

gonna enter in a key word or something that they’re looking up, and you get

to place the advertiser, the business gets to place an ad, and they’re bidding

on words that people search, okay. So that’s exactly how you appear there.

But it doesn’t end there, there’s a bunch of things that need to happen, and

let me just zoom in a little bit on this. Okay, so once a person sees an ad,

then you need to send them through a funnel, which would be like a

landing page. And you have to basically put them through a series of steps

that you want this person to take in order to become either buy from you,

or give you their lead information like their name, address and phone

number, or just call you, or download your app even. Okay, so that’s what

you want, that’s exactly what this is, this is a funnel. Okay, and so step 1,

keyword research. So we went over this last night, and once again we’re

gonna use SEMrush. SEMrush is the best, in my eyes, one of the best tools

for keyword research. So, for example, let’s say I want, you know, I have a

travel nursing staffing company, and I wanna go up against these guys,

Cross Country TravCorps, right? What I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna put their

URL in here, and it’s going to give me all of the information on their page

search. So as you can see, they’re spending a lot of money on paid ads. You

see this, they increased it, organic search, I can see all this stuff, right? So

let’s go to their page search and let’s see what they’re doing. By the way, I

wanna give a shout-out to my keto people, I’m actually drinking my ketones

right now, and this thing works amazing man. I really, really, really love it,

it allows me to really focus. Okay, so, all right, so these are the current

words that they are bidding on and they have ads on, right? So, a couple of

things to keep in mind, you wanna see things like the actual keyword, their

position, if their position in number one, that means it’s working for them

most likely. So you wanna take a look at that, and then the traffic. So for

example, here they’re bidding on California Board of Nursing, ’cause they’re

trying to get like new nurses, I guess, to sign up with them. Neonatal nurse,

nursing jobs, nursing jobs, nursing jobs, nursing jobs, nursing jobs. Travel

nursing jobs, travel nursing jobs. So if you guys see the differences in the

intent of words, for example, this word here in nursing jobs is very broad,

so you don’t really understand what the person’s trying to do. But this word

here, travel nursing jobs, it’s a little bit more specific and it’s telling us that

this person is looking, or is interested in some way or another, finding

something, some kind of info that has to do with travel nursing jobs. They could be in the research phase, which means that they’re just like

interested, but they’re not really sure. So, just keep in mind the intentions of

keyword, and that’s very, very important, okay. So let’s keep looking at the

words, or the key phrases. Travel nursing jobs, they’re using that keyword a

lot in a lot of different ad groups. So, I just wanna show you guys the

keywords and how to do keyword research and et cetera. Okay, so, let’s look

at what an ad group is, so what is an ad group on in Google AdWords? All

right, so I’m a visual person, I like learning visually. So let’s do this here, let’s

look at this. All right, so you have your AdWords account, right? And then

inside your account, you have a campaign. A campaign is like a goal of what

you would like to do. So for example, let’s say that my brand, The HUB Palm

Beach, right? If somebody searches, what is the HUB Palm Beach, that

would be a campaign that I wanna run, it’s called a branded campaign. So

I’m only gonna have ad groups, which is a combination of keywords and

ads. So, if someone searches this keyword here, these ads are gonna pop up.

So if someone searches this keyword here which is different than that word,

then these ads will pop up. And then the third word, if someone searches

this one, then these ads could potentially pop up. So, this is exactly what an

ad group is, they are keywords that when someone searches online, your ad

can potentially pop up. So, keywords and ads are ad groups inside of a

campaign. So, an example of that is, let me go in here and start up a

spreadsheet. So, I’m gonna call this The HUB Palm Beach Branded

Campaign. Or actually I’ll just ball it Brand. So, this is the name of my

campaign. And this is an ad group. So, I’m not gonna go into match types

yet, but I’m just gonna put the word in there actually, just so you guys can

see it. So, the hub palm beach. Someone might type it in exactly like that.

Someone might type in the hub palm beach on clematis. The hub. Someone

might type in the hub downtown. So there’s different ways that people

search. The hub and then the zip code. You know and so, all these keywords,

if someone types in these keywords, they’re gonna be all in this ad group

here, The Hub, okay. So then my ad, so I’m gonna have headline,

description. Let’s go in here and Google.com. What does a google ad consist

of? ‘Kay, so, all right, let me show you guys, all right, so the thing that you

see here on top, the blue, that’s like the most important thing, that’s called

the headline. So this is headline one, and this is headline two. See how it has

a little bar there? So this is headline one and this is headline two. Then you

have this, which is called a structured snippet, so it’s like, you know, the

stars, you’re able to do this, but you have to have ratings from like a very

credible source. And then you have either your description one and

description two lines, and then you have other things, but I’m not gonna get

into a lot of details with that now, I just wanna show you guys a basic. But

the headline is the most important thing. So in my keyword, or my

spreadsheet, I wanna use something that is going to call out and is gonna

get people very interested and wanting to click. So maybe because this

person’s searching for the business, you maybe wanna ask them a question

like, Are you Curious to What The HUB is About? We are a Unique Space.

‘Kay, so let’s pretend this is my ad here, Are you Curious to What The HUB is

about? This might be too long, but I just wanna show you guys what exactly

this is. So a campaign, my campaign is The HUB Palm Beach Brand, or The

HUB Palm Brand. And then the ad group that these words are gonna go into

is all, this is not more than one ad, it’s just this is the way I have to label it

because it’s more than one word. So, for example I’d have to do this too

right here, and then same here. So, this is all one ad group that has one,

two, three, four, five words, and I’m running the same ad. So whenever

somebody searches on Google the hub palm beach, exactly like this, this ad

could potentially pop up. When someone types in the hub palm beach on

clematis, this ad is gonna pop up. When someone types in the hub, this ad’s

gonna pop up. When someone types in the hub downtown, this ad’s gonna

pop up. When someone types in the hub 33401, this ad can pop up. So that’s

what an ad group is, all right? So now, let’s get going with this. So step 2, a

landing page, right, so do you guys know what a landing page is? We talked

about this yesterday. And what I wanna do is I wanna show you an actual

wireframe that I made of a landing page. So there are people that will just

send their traffic, their ad traffic to their home page. However, I wanna

show you why that’s not a good idea. Let’s say that I’m going to Cross

Country Travcorps, right, I’m gonna keep using them as an example, ’cause I

did a lot of work for them. All right, so let’s say I just send them here, there’s

too many links here that can throw me off. The only good thing that I see is

this live chat, which is great. But let’s say I just click that and I started

browsing around, and then I have to, let’s say I’m a nurse and then a

patient’s calling me. So I’m not gonna be able to finish up, right, so I want it

to be straight to the point. I wanted to go, and let’s see what they’re doing.

Travel nurse jobs. See I now ended up here first. Okay, so this is a better

landing page, which has a picture here and it’s straight to the point, get

started as a travel nurse today. But see, I don’t like this that much, because

let’s say that I have no idea who you are, let’s say I have no idea who you

are, well then I’m gonna just see this form and I’m just gonna leave. So, you

have to paint a story, it’s kinda like, you know, here there should be some

kind of headline, or up here saying exactly what this is about, because I just

feel like this is too small. So let’s go back to my example, which is this, right?

The first thing that you see here, For Instant Tech Support, Call Now, and

then the phone number. And then here you’re gonna see the logo and you

know, Apple products. Then here, I have a headline which is Tech Support

For All Your Apple Devices. And then there’ll be some kind of picture in the

background, and then the same thing, call the phone number. So it has a lot

of call to actions. Call to action is basically, I’m giving you this message so

you can take some kind of action, okay, so.