How I became a Digital Marketing Project Manager with no experience and how you can too.

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How I Became a Digital Project Manager

Let’s talk about my journey into Digital Marketing and how I become a Digital Project Manager. Looking back, here is a timeline of important milestones that got me into the digital marketing field:

a timeline of important dates of how I got into digital marketing

Going back in time about nine years ago, I was exploring the idea of a career change. I was unhappy in my current occupation and knew there was something out there for me. I always knew that I loved business and the endless possibilities it has online. That’s when I learned about digital marketing and how it aligns with my skill-set and ambitions.

My history 

While researching different opportunities I came across a listing on Craigslist for a digital project manager with SOVI Digital. I immediately started working on my resume to demonstrate my love for technology, the internet and my passion for the industry. Even though I didn’t have the experience, I had the confidence that I would learn everything I needed to get the job done. I believe this confidence was part of the reason why the digital marketing agency ended up hiring me.

my paystub at sovi digital

Based on my pay stub posted above, you can see that my starting rate was about $1,300 dollars bi-weekly. This is about the average rate for a Digital Project Manager and has continued to grow over the years.a screenshot of a job offfer for digital project manager for 2307 biweekly

The Experience

I spent a little over two-years at SOVI Digital learning the ropes and establishing industry contacts. This helped put me in a position to push forward in the industry. After SOVI Digital I went on to work for a startup company and managed a team of 25 people.

mock up of start up i worked at as digital project manager

In my free time I worked contacts to establish my own clientele which helped focus and refine the skills I gained from my “day” job. Working with my own clientele forced me to streamline the process of conceptualizing, implementing and meeting my clients’ needs.

After spending one year at the start-up where I established a strong base of clients, I began working for myself and poured all of my energy into my own digital marketing agency, Think Freely Marketing Group.

website of my digital marketing agency think freely marketing group

Fast forward almost 10 years, and I realized that I didn’t want to just help businesses grow. I also want to share my journey with people in order to help them grow their own businesses.  Subsequently, that’s when I started on my next idea, The HUB Palm Beach.

a picture of the hub palm beach during construction

Did you know?

To take course or get certified as project manager can cost anywhere from $500 to $3,200? Once you take these courses to get certified, you still have to go gain experience and go apply everything you learned. That’s why I believe in live demos and using real situations with real companies to learn. That way, you will have the flexibility to apply what you know to any situation and can skip the years it would take to be an experienced Digital Project Manager.

Years of wisdom in just a few hours

When I first started working in the digital marketing industry, I had to learn all the ins and outs on the job.

a screenshot of video seo when I got into digital marketing

Now don’t freak out and think that you have to do the same thing I did. You don’t need to gain years of experience to be successful. My hope is that by sharing my journey, you can see what worked for me and incorporate the valuable information into your strategy for success. That’s why I created The HUB Palm Beach. There, you can quickly learn what you need to immediately start working in the industry.

Internet Consumption

In just the past two years, businesses have increased their digital marketing budgets by over 50%. Plus, with over 4.39 billion internet users online to date, this is one of the most stable and growing career paths in 2019.

Sure, you could go out and get a fancy certificate, but it doesn’t really mean anything if you don’t have the experience to back it up. That’s why at The HUB Palm Beach, you can quickly learn what you need to immediately start working in the industry. We focus on using real life situations, real companies and real experiences from leading industry experts to give you the tools you need to succeed. This brings me to my first point of how you can become a Digital Project Manager.

If you love the internet, like doing research have a skill for managing people and enjoy collaborations, then you already have the skills needed to start your career path as a project manager.

What is a Digital Project Manager?

The definition of a Digital Project Manager is:

Digital Project Manager

You may be asking yourself, “Okay, but what does a digital project manager do”? As I said before, if you enjoy collaborating, have a skill for managing people, love the internet and are good at researching, then you can become a Digital Project Manager. Therefore, being very organized and knowing the process of how to  create, manage and advertise businesses online is the recipe for success. Here is a simplified overview of how to create and manage a business:

an infographic of the digital project manager process

So now you have to build the wireframe and the website? No, you don’t. The whole point of being a project manager is managing. In other words, having the idea of what you want to accomplish for your business or client and finding the right people to execute it. Having a team of designers and developers that I closely work with ensures that my vision is executed in the best way possible. Here is a visual of who the key players are in a digital marketing team and each individuals role in the team:

a mind map of a digital marketing team and their role

For instance, here is a quick look at how a website is designed and created:

Sitemap Before After

Once the website is created, you can start to put your other skills to use as a Digital Project Manager. This means managing online presence, maximizing the functionality and reaching as many potential clients as possible.

Using Google Ads is one of the first steps you can take to ensuring the website is being seen by as many potential consumers as possible.

Knowing SEO, creating Facebook Ad Campaigns and Instagram Influencer Marketing are just a few of the other skills you are going to want to utilize.

Are you still with me?

Does this seem like something you can understand and start doing?

Since you get the gist of what it takes to be in the digital marketing industry, let’s get into why being a Digital Project Manager is worth it.

Why Digital  Project Management is the Right Choice.

Online businesses are essential for search engines like Google (which makes the majority of its money through advertisements) to thrive.

For instance, 70% of consumers want to learn about products through content as opposed to traditional advertising methods.

Digital Marketing is the driving force behind creating unlimited possibilities for businesses to grow and connect with consumers online.

It has become essential for small businesses to thrive in 2019.

Over 72% of consumers visit local business within their 5-mile search online. It’s crucial for small business owners to be equipped with the right tools to succeed and compete in the digital world.

Here are my top 5 reasons why Digital Project Management is a smart career choice:


Imagine not having to deal with office politics. What about having your own schedule? Being able to work from anywhere you want? Sounds too good to be true right? Well if you choose this career, all you need is a computer and strong Wi-Fi.

Travel With Your Team

Yes, you will be managing a team, and you might even think that’s stressful but guess what? You will actually be more efficient and less stressed out. There are so many managing software programs to pick from. They will help keep your team on track and keep communication efficient and confusion free. Plus, would you rather schedule your traveling plans around your meeting or fit your meeting into your traveling plans? I know what I picked.

Unlimited Learning Possibilities 

Have you ever dreaded having the conversation with your boss about wanting a raise? Hoped you remembered everything from your speech you wrote out and continuously edited for a week? Why should you even be stressed about having to ask for what you’re worth in the first place? Yeah, I don’t know why either. That’s why with Digital Marketing, there is no cap on earning possibilities. You get what you put in. Therefore, if you manage your team efficiently and the produce results, then you produce revenue. That simple.

Job Diversity 

Even though you want to be a Digital Project Manager, guess what? You can do whatever you want! You can apply the same type of skills to be an engine marketing analyst, content team manager, and much more. We can break down the different types in another post. It must feel nice knowing you won’t ever be stuck sticking to one thing. Also, you wont have to start over if you want to switch it up a little bit.

Learn in Comfort 

To get a Digital Marketing Certification cost about $350 all the way up to $3,200! You may think you need to take a bunch of online courses.  You don’t need to sit it in a class room for hours on end to be a Digital Project Manager. Being able to interact directly with a teacher is important when trying to learn new things. That’s why if you join me at The HUB Palm Beach, you’ll get access to all my experience and information directly. After taking a few of our workshops at The HUB Palm Beach, you will start to gain all the knowledge you need to succeed.

How to become a Digital Project Manager?

Here at The HUB Palm Beach, we cater to people who are looking to learn how to become Digital Project Managers. After going to just one of our comprehensive 2-hour workshops, you’ll be able to start putting your skills to use immediately. You will see that it’s not that hard to learn what you need to get ahead.

Did you know?

The starting rate for a digital project manager would cost $1,200 per week? That’s over $5,200 more than the national average per year! To clarify, I showed you my paycheck so you could see that the earning potential is real.

During my corporate experience, I gained valuable knowledge like how to guide clients through the process of increasing their presence online. Not much has changed in what needs to be done for project development and the internet marketing process.

Don’t take years to figure out everything you need. Instead, get all of my near ten years of knowledge broken down into easy to understand lessons. For instance, I’ll teach you how to get clients and hire your own team of people to do specific task like designing graphics and writing content for websites. Here is what you get every month as a member of The HUB Palm Beach:

  • *Access to Digital marketing consulting.
  • **UNLIMITED ACCESS to all workshops.
  • Certification workshops are 30%-50% off industry standards.
  • Access to weekly e-learning programs.
  • Access to Member only Facebook Group.
  • Unlimited access to work out of 
The Hub Palm Beach.
  • Pod-cast recording.
  • Newsletter.

At The HUB Palm Beach you will be equipped with everything you need to impress your clients and take your business to the next level. I created this space because I am passionate about giving people the tools they need to change their professional lives. So, what are you waiting for? The longer you sit there opening tabs and researching if this is the right move, take action! The first step to changing your life for the better starts with you doing. Trust yourself to know what’s best for you and become a digital marketing project manager.

To learn more about The HUB in West Palm Beach CLICK HERE.


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