How to Engage with New Followers on Instagram

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Speaker 1:        So this is the Instazood platform. The reason that you want to use Instazood is because you want to start engaging with people. For example, somebody starts following you. You’re going to create a message so that they get some kind of message saying an introduction of who you are.

Speaker 2:        [inaudible 00:00:00:18].

Speaker 1:        Exactly. Then you’re going to open up the conversation with a question. We open up the conversation with “What’s your HUB?” But now because we’re changing our ad copy, we’re going to change this message. So this is Instazood, you’re going to click on You’re going to start an account, and it’s about $15 a month for the direct DM follower message.

Speaker 2:        It actually sends the message out. It doesn’t just remind you.

Speaker 1:        It doesn’t remind you, it just automatically sends a message. For example, this message right here has been sent 4,227 times.

Speaker 2:        Yes.

Speaker 1:        Yes.

Speaker 2:        Yeah, 4,000 DMs sent out.

Speaker 1:        I want to say this is in the last four months. Okay. What you’re going to do is you’re going to click new message. All right. You want to attach an image. What I’m going to do is I’m going to grab an image from here.

Speaker 2:        Instazood.

Speaker 1:        Yeah. Then my image will be something like-

Speaker 2:        Can this also be set up to send it to your existing followers?

Speaker 1:        Yes. You can send to your existing followers.

Speaker 2:        And just people that a follow certain hashtag?

Speaker 1:        Yes. So for example, let’s say that I have some kind of promotion or some kind of event happening. You want to send them that promotion to all those people so they understand. For example, tomorrow we have that Tony Robbins event. I would send it, but we have way too many people coming already, so I’m not going to do it.

Speaker 2:        [inaudible 00:01:45]?

Speaker 1:        Yes.

Speaker 2:        [inaudible 00:01:48].

Speaker 1:        It’s all good.

Speaker 2:        Is the mic being recorded?

Speaker 1:        Oh yeah.

Speaker 2:        Oh, that mic.

Speaker 1:        This mic. Yeah, we do things as real as possible here. This is how we create content. This is how we create courses. We show you behind the scenes so you guys don’t get any fluff. You guys get very, very, very authentic content, and we have [Jeo 00:02:08] in the back right there.

Speaker 1:        I’m going to show you right now. We’re going to grab this image. This image is kind of our main ad copy right now. It says attract more business and make more sales. I’m going to go ahead and click download on that. Then I’m going to go back to my Instazood, and I’m going to click new message. Then I’m going to attach this image, upload the file-

Speaker 2:        You can go bigger too.

Speaker 1:        Select the file. Correct. You can add videos, anything. Just about anything.

Speaker 2:        Like putting on a video.

Speaker 1:        That’s very true. You know what? You’re very right about that. Let’s add a video. Okay. Okay, so I’m going to grab one of the videos that we created last time. That’s going to be under Jeo and Joel. That’s us. [foreign language 00:03:02].

Speaker 1:        All right, so we’re going to go to UGC. Oh no?

Speaker 2:        No.

Speaker 1:        No. It’s this one. [foreign language 00:03:24].

Speaker 2:        [inaudible 00:03:30].

Speaker 1:        Let’s see. Here we go. HUB tracks, HUB promo. Damn, it’s not letting me add it I think because it’s too long. Or, no, MP4s. No? I guess it doesn’t like it.

Speaker 2:        Can’t do video through it?

Speaker 1:        No. Or actually, yeah, you can.

Speaker 2:        What’s that? [inaudible 00:04:04].

Speaker 1:        [inaudible 00:04:09]. Yeah, it’s going to play too. This one they put on of tracks. So I want to make sure that I get a ad copy that’s working. So I’m going to go to AdEspresso, which is where we’re actually publishing ads right now all across Instagram.

Speaker 2:        What is AdEspresso?

Speaker 1:        AdEspresso is a software that allows you to one, split test various headlines at one time. So split testing meaning one headline is competing against the other.

Speaker 2:        And it distributes it?

Speaker 1:        Yeah, correct. On Instagram stories, Instagram posts, on Facebook newsfeed, Facebook right column, anywhere that I want it to go. Here’s the best performing ad based on click through rate. Click through rate means that people liked this ad copy more, which is the headline and the ad copy text.

Speaker 1:        I’m going to grab the same exact headline and see how it works here. We’re going to go to this headline, we’re going to copy this one right here. Is it performing best? We’re going to put this here. I’m going to put, here is how, and actually I’m going to also do this. I’m going to grab this ad copy that … Story brand. So it’s going to go like this.

Speaker 1:        Attention business owners, attract more business and make more sales with the HUB Palm Beach Social Media Training. So let me do this. Attention business owners, attract more business and make more sales with a-

Speaker 2:        But I thought the other one was working well.

Speaker 1:        It is, but it’s based on the same message, which is make more sales.

Speaker 2:        Okay.

Speaker 1:        Then we want to add, this is what we learned from that one book Triggers, right? So it goes like this: At the HUB Palm Beach, we want you to be a successful business owner and one who serves and helps more people while growing your business and becomes wealthy. In order to do that, you need more leads, more prospects, more customers, and more sales. So this is ultimately what people want. Then we’re going to have the pain points. So the problem is …

Speaker 2:        It’s all going to go on the DM?

Speaker 1:        Yeah. Actually, there’s too much.

Speaker 2:        [inaudible 00:06:55]. What if like … Who replies to those that reply?

Speaker 1:        [inaudible 00:07:07]. To do that, you need more leads. It says attention business owners, attract more business and make more sales with the HUB Palm Beach Social Media Training. At the HUB Palm Beach we want you to be a successful business owner. To do that, you need more leads and more prospects, more customers and more sales. The problem is you’re not getting enough leads and prospects because you’re not using social media effectively. You can attract more new customers and build a following that grows. Want to get more business? See link. I want to say see link in bio, but I’ve got to edit this.

Speaker 2:        You can add a website there. It’ll show a website.

Speaker 1:        I could.

Speaker 2:        It’s [inaudible 00:08:32].

Speaker 1:        Because there’s not enough space.

Speaker 2:        Oh. There’s a limited amount [crosstalk 00:08:36].

Speaker 1:        500, yeah. Attention business owners.

Speaker 2:        Do you want it to be that much information in the DM?

Speaker 1:        I mean I did have that much before. Yeah. The problem is you’re not getting no views and private. There we go. Let’s just try this out and see how it works so that I can do it to all existing followers. Custom user list. Okay. So I’m going to go ahead and click activate and this is going to go to all the existing followers.

Speaker 2:        What is the custom user list? What happened to the [inaudible 00:09:39]?

Speaker 1:        Custom user list. Users who have already had communication. Let’s do to all followers, and let’s see how it works. So that’s this message here. Plus we have this message. This is for the new followers, and then this one’s going to current followers. This is Instazood, and this is to start your engagement with people.

Speaker 2:        That’s 15 to one?

Speaker 1:        Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Speaker 2:        Is that it, or is there more of this?

Speaker 1:        There’s more, but I don’t recommend these, which is like comments, auto comments and all that. I don’t like that. I think it should be manual. Let me see how I’m going to do this. [inaudible 00:10:35].

Speaker 2:        So auto comments, like you could tell that it’s-

Speaker 1:        Oh, you can tell they’re fake. So anyways, yeah. We’re going to check back on this. But once again, the reason that you want to do this is for engagement. So here you’re opening up the engagement and then here, once someone starts following you, you’re sending them this message because you want to go one step further and the engagement process. Now you’re offering them a solution to their problem. Here you’re asking them about their business. Thank you. We want to take a moment to thank you. We would like to know more about you, what’s your HUB? Then we ask some different questions, right? So then-

Speaker 2:        What does that mean?

Speaker 1:        That means like what do you do? What’s your industry? Okay. Then after that, we have another message, which is the one that we just did right now. Attention business owners, attract more business and make more sales. Let’s see how that works. That’s Instazood, and you’re about to learn that on the social media track.

Speaker 2:        So people are applying and saying, “What’s your HUB?” You say, “Hey-“.

Speaker 1:        Oh yeah. Tons of people. We’ve gotten, at least, I want to say 2,000 at least. Oh, yeah.