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+Are you a busy entrepreneur?
+Are you doing too many jobs?
+Are you facing the uphill battle?
+Are you clear of your destination?
+Are you booking new business?
+Are you taking care of your clients?

You are invited to join the audience. To participate in our one-on-ones. To be interviewed and to include your teams achievements on our livestream video and podcast!

Together we will have a look to consider the strategies and the action items required to organize the activities you choose to participate in. Break through the uphill grind, so that we achieve your goals WITHOUT having to add more things to your “to-do” list?

Together on Tuesday’s, will explore and plan on growth for your personal and professional life.

Together on Tuesday’s is where we will Play a BIGGER Game

Brought to you by Peter Marcus Coaching

Peter Marcus, specializes in coachingBusiness Owners, Founders, Partners and Senior Executives.
BusinessLife is home based in Palm Beach USA, and Lake Como, Italy, to bring forth their greatness, supporting business owners, founders and senior partners in professional organization, as they have for 20+ years.
Peter Marcus is dedicated to the cause of Coaching for growth
Today and for the past 30 years I have had the privilege of joining together with great women and men in building and directing management teams, increasing sales and bring revolutionary products to market.

Morgan Greene
Character Animator and Director at Morgan Greene Animation
Morgan has had the pleasure of working at Pixar, Disney and Dreamwork with the amazing James Baxter and Glen Keane on films such as Tangled and Croods

Martin Casado
Consultant + Web Design + Video Production + Photography.
Designing new companies before the design process takes place. Martin recognized the need that owners or partners have choices with creative vision, and how to collaborate with their team to envision the problem solution needs the company will focus on and we begin an effective strategy from beginning to the full launch.

Joel Castillo
Founder of The HUB Palm Beach, Think Freely Marketing Group and Punta Cana Real Estate
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The HUB Palm Beach

330 Clematis St #103
West Palm Beach, FL, US, 33401

Feb 25

06:00 pm - 08:00 pm